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CLARKE 1 The Letters... ed. by Bridget Clarke 1650-1688 3.7 MB
CLARKE 2 The Letters... ed. by Bridget Clarke 1688-1696 1.7 MB
CLARKE 3 The Letters... ed. by Bridget Clarke 1696-1699/1700 0.9 MB
CLARKE 4 The Letters... ed. by Bridget Clarke 1699/1700-1710 2.2 MB

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Nynehead Court 'Notes On The History of Nynehead Court' by Margaret Ruth Whitaker. [1979] Published under the auspices of the Nynehead Local History Society by whose permission the work is included here. 80 KB
MILLENNIUM ‘Nynehead On the Map’ published in 2000 to celebrate the millennium. 6 MB
APPRAISAL DATA Data from a Community Questionnaire and Audit in May 2003 120 KB
PARISH PLAN Derived from the above data 'The Plan' was published in 2004 365 KB
All Saints' Church The history of 'All Saints' Church, Nynehead' by Tony LOCK 66 KB
All Saints' Church The guide book of 'All Saints' Church, Nynehead' research by Tony Lock, illustrations and updates by Allan Howe [2009] 3 MB


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