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On a fmall mural monument of marble:-

“Near this place lyeth the body of Guftavus Venner, of Fitzhead in this county, efq; who died April 28, 1717, aged 46. To whofe memory this monument was erected by his executor Samuel, younger fon of Edward Clarke, efq; of Chipley in this parifh, 1716.”

Arms, Gules, on a feffe or, three efcallops fable; Venner: impaling, argent, on a feffe gules, between three croffes fable, as many martlets of the firft.

In the fouth wall of the fouth aile is a memorial to Richard Wyatt, efq; who died 1693, and Alice his wife, daughter of Edward Thurfton, of Buckland, efq; who died April 18, 1732, aged 70. Arms, Sable, a feffe dauncettée argent, between three eagles displayed or; Wyatt: impaling, fable, three bugle-horns ftringed or, garnifhed azure; Thurfton.

In the chancel floor:-

“1643. Here lieth the body of Martin Sanford, of Ninhed in the county of Somerfet, efquier, who died the 20th of Sept. aged 68.”


“Under this polifh'd ftone inhum'd doth reft
The country's patriot huddled up in duft;
Had worth and wifdom, true religion, zeale,
Prov'd fovreigne antidotes againft death's ill,
He had not dy'd: no privilege wee fee:
The law immortal made man mortal bee.
Yet in defpight of fate, his virtues fhall
To future times furvive his funerall.”


Vivit poft funera virtus.

“Here alfo lyeth Sufannah his wife, who died March 17, 1661.”

“Here lyeth the body of Henry Sanford, of Ninhead in the county of Somerfet, efq; who was buried the 9th of February 1644. Alfo Mary his wife, daughter of Henry Afhford, of Afhford in the county of Devon, efq; who was buried the 3d of Sept. 1662.”

“Two Fords conjoyn'd incorporate,
A hufband and his fpoufed mate,
Make one fair ftreame whofe very name
Might give to heraldry a theme.
But as propenfe all rivers runne
Into the ocean whence they come;
Soe they to earth their tending have,
Both here concenter in the grave.”

“Here lyes the body of William the fonn of William Sanford, ofNinhead, efq; and Ann his wife, who died Aug. 19, 1715.”

“Subtus bene requiefcunt offa Annæ Sanford, Gulielmi Sanford, armigeri viduæ, quæ obiit 6° die Aprilis anno falutis 1777, ætatis 59.”

Againft the eaft wall of the fouth aile is a plain black monument, with the following infcription, without name or date:

“A little booke and taper's light
Did folace me in my laft night;
My taper fpent, booke clos'd I late,
In bed thereon to meditate:
With what improvment thinke - I know
Then volumes more, or funne can fhow.”