The phonetics used [here] are identical with those used in the publications of the English Place-Name Society.

CHIPLEY in Nynehead and Langford Budville.

(usque) ceappanleáge 854 (12th.) BCS 476, od cyppan leage ? 854 (12th.). CW, Cippelegh' n.d. (early 14th.) Mont, (de) Chyppelegh 1284-5 FA, 1285/6 Hundred R, (de) Chippelegh 1330 (15th.) Buck, Westchippelegh 1408-9 FF, Chipley 1591 Dunster.
'Cyppa's clearing'. The form in CW renders untenable Professor Ekwall's interpretation of the name.2 For OE Cyppa or Cippa, which is not recorded in independent use, v. PNW 89, DEPN 100.

[From the Somerset Archeol. Soc. vol. 95 p. 115]